Split Ring Planetary gear

Split Ring planetary gears

This animation illustrates how Split Ring Planetary gears work. An inverted form, 'Split sun', is an extension of this concept, and may be used for a 'Planetary Gear Clock'. Which of those two forms are animated, depends on the size difference between input and output.

You can generate custom gear systems and read the description regarding how they are calculated here. Copy [I O B] values from the tables and paste them in the [I O B] field here. This way you can check details regarding calculated gears.

Planetary Gear Clock with three hands based on 'Split Sun' gears.

Source code:https://bitbucket.org/pal-saugstad/planetary-clock


1     Zoom
0     Tilt
10     Speed   Start
29     Input Teeth
90     Output Teeth
87     Base Teeth
1     Tooth Multiplier
3     Planets
Prefer Base as ref. for planet gear

Ratio - i:c:o

(ratio - i:c:o)

I:InputBlue indicator
O:OutputYellow gear and indicator
B:BaseRed gear and indicator

Requires an HTML 5-compliant browser

Animation based on http://www.thecatalystis.com/gears/

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